Blair & Josh
Blair & Josh

These two are some of the most genuine and good-hearted people I’ve ever met.

When I met Blair and Josh for an autumn engagement session last year, I immediately wanted to be friends. Getting to talk with them about their lives (as a nurse in the cancer ward and a lawyer for the elderly–these two are saving the world!) made me so happy, and I didn’t want the night to end. I’ve been looking forward to their wedding so much, and knew it would be one of my favorites.

It did not disappoint. The day was so full of joy and amazement and was just straight up fun.

After the wedding, I received this email from Blair. My day was made, and the fact that she took time to write such a kind letter is even more testament to the heart of gold that this girl has.

Sweet Jamie: I am speechless!! What you did for us is beyond what I could have ever hoped for. It makes me cry every time I look through the photos because they really capture every wonderful, meaningful, joyous moment & feeling that we had on that day! It is like the photos made such an accelerated & amazingly overwhelming day stand still so we can enjoy the wedding day over and over for years to come. My favorite thing I think when looking through the photos is they allow me to see from another perspective the true beauty of our love together. It really is WOW. 

You have such an incredible gift of finding those moments wherever your spot on intuition takes you. I think your artistic ability is out of this world & it is so apparent. I also think you must have a very special gift of appreciating and accentuating on what people and nature are giving you to work with. I can think of so many examples that show this but there are a few that come to mind… During the ketubah ceremony, there is a photo of my grandfather sitting down and smiling so big at the camera with my moms hand on his shoulder. He is 91 years old and mom takes care of him on a daily basis… This photo reminds us of how beautiful that is and shows their special love for each other! Timeless. Another one is of my dad and I talking beside the cake. There are a few of us laughing and then there is one of me looking at my dad as his little girl. It was such a natural interaction that we probably have all the time but it reminds us of our special little moments together. Same with so many of the ones with my mom but I especially LOVE the 2 photos you got of me forgetting my bouquet and walking off after the ceremony when my mom caught me to hand me the bouquet. Also, there are countless ones of Kaila and the bridesmaids that are BEAUTIFUL. And last but not least (but there are so many I can’t choose one) are the photos of Josh and I together. I mean, yes we were so happy and in love and all of the above. FOR SURE! But the way that you captured all of the details of that were on another level! Between the lighting, the angles, the perfectly timed shots… I look at these and I fall more and more in love with him. 

All I can say is THANK YOU to you and Reed. I can’t think of two people I would have rather had next to us through it all on the most important day of our lives! You both were so calming, made us feel beautiful/handsome, & made the day even more fun.

Planning: Brittany at Events 306  (she totally rocks you guys!)

Florals: A Florae

Dress: A & Be Bridal Shop

Venue: Washington Park Boathouse and Coohills Restaurant

Videography: Olena Films