Maybe the two of you together and a promise to love is all you need when you decide to get married. There’s no pretense or show, just a quiet commitment to love always.

I love the simplicity of elopements, and photographing them reminds me why I got married, and why when everything is stripped away, a commitment to love is something so valuable and true.


  • Say hello
    No 01
    Say hello

    Tell me your story! Why are you eloping? What do you want the day to look like? I want to hear all of it.

  • Pick a spot
    No 02
    Pick a spot

    I'll help you with this if you're stuck! Do you want something tucked away in the mountains, or something in the city? I'll share some of my favorite locations and help you choose somewhere that fits.

  • Elope!
    No 03

    You two get married, and I'll capture it for you. A week or two later, I'll send you all of the photos in an online gallery for you to use however you please.