my story
my story

I was born and raised in a house on top of a hill, where my sisters and I spent our days running around the mountainside eating wild onions and braiding flower necklaces and building houses made of sticks and leaves and twine.

When I was fifteen, I fell in love quite accidentally. He was prom king, I was the awkward homeschooled girl; he didn’t know my name, and already had a girlfriend. Namely, I was too shy to actually say hello. But I was undeterred–sophomoric persuasions gleaming, I was convinced I would marry that boy with the easy laugh and gentle eyes.

In the meantime, I began taking photographs. It started with my sisters—dressing them up in my mother’s old prom dresses and marching them to the top of the mountain at sunset. Despite my abysmal Photoshop jobs and campy posing, I somehow managed to convince another photographer to let me tag along on a wedding.

I wasn’t old enough to drive then, so my mom  drove me to the ceremony. I was so shy that I hid behind a plant for half of the reception, popping out sporadically to snag an incognito photo.

But I was enthralled. Enthralled by the way her dress swirled in the light and how his hand found hers as her father raised a toast, all surrounded by a sea of faces filled with love. I laid awake in my bed that night, thinking about how I could find another wedding to photograph.

Years passed. Life grew and my little business along with it. And that boy I had fallen so madly in love with during sophomore year of high school? I was over him.

But then he called me. I agreed to lunch, and we ate ham sandwiches and lemonade in his pick-up truck. Despite my marked aversion to pork, I ate that ham sandwich with dedicated gumption. That night, I assured my best friend that I was just catching up with an old crush. He went home and told his roommate that he was going to marry me.

Two years later, he did.

We were heady and young and had no business making such a huge decision. But somehow, it has worked. Somehow, the days keep getting better.

Seven years together, a little house in the hills, one curly-headed daughter, a failing vegetable garden, and life with him is wild and full. We spend our days in laughter as well as disagreement; together we walk through uncertainty, the stark mundane, and sometimes moments so full of joy that they feel nearly transcendent. The darknesses and unknowns of life seem a bit more manageable with him standing next to me.

Because of him, I believe in life together. I believe in marriage even though some days it seems like an impossible goal. Because of him, I believe in working to create something improbably worthwhile and real.

And making my living getting to capture others who are fighting to do the same? I can’t believe my luck.



{sunsets and sisters where it all began}

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