Sara & Blaine
Sara & Blaine

Reed and I were talking the other day about how crazy it is to think that Wrennie will one day grow up and perhaps end up with a partner of her own. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her in life and if it includes someone else, we hope one thing most of all—that the person she picks is kind. This is what I will teach her when it comes to love. Pick someone who is kind.

Sara and Blaine had this kindness. Watching the deep tenderness and kindness they had for each other got me all kinds of choked up. I mean, do you see the way he looks at her? I loved spending the past year getting to know these two and was inspired by their partnership.

Oh and did I mention that they went on a three-month long honeymoon backpacking and climbing all over the states and Spain? Seriously these guys are so cool and know how to live right.

Planner: A Vintage Affair

Venue: Winter Park Lunch Rock

Dress: Rue de Seine

Florals: Beet and Yarrow

DJ: Drew Reges

Dessert: The Makery